Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Scrapbook Present

It was my sister and her husband's 25th Wedding Anniversary last week. I decided to make a small scrapbook for them with a few of their wedding photos and pictures of them together over the past 25 years. I used an idea I got from a scrapbook shop Carrie and I had visited recently, where they had used a children's board book to recreate a small book on its own. Each page, including the front cover and back, were covered with cardstock to hide what the original book had been. I found a perfect sized board book in a $1 Store - great price!

Then came the tricky part...trying to decide just which photos to use!

Here is a picture of the original book. Yes it was a very cute 'Dick & Jane' book, except that now it was going to become an 'Elaine & Brent' book.

I decided on a 'purple' theme for the book since that seemed to coordinate well with the group of photos I had decided on. The tricky part was to cut each piece of cardstock just right so it could be glued in the book to lie perfectly flat and look like it had become part of it. Thank goodness for my cute little corner clipper - made perfect rounded edges each time.

Then to mat the photos I had chosen for the book. That was the fun part! I love the picture of Elaine with our parents in our back garden.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished paged in the scrapbook. Doesn't look much like a 'Dick & Jane' book any more!

And the last page in the scrapbook: And the finished book:

I had originally glued in some lovely gauze ribbon in the front and back covers, but this book became very stubborn (and thick) and no matter how hard I tried to coax those ribbons to stay in place, they kept pulling out. So at the end, rather than damage any of the pages, I just decided to tie the entire thing with a nice piece of ribbons. It works!

And Elaine and Brent were very happy with their anniverary gift!


SmileyCarrie said...

Love the finished product!! Its beautiful, great job!!

Concetta said...

That is truely the most beautiful and special anniversary gift I have ever seen! It is perfect. Your lucky sister and brother-in-law. :)

Rose said...

I love your pages, they are gorgeous. They will be treasured by generations of your family I'm sure.

Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comments about Ruby. She's a two year old, female Lhasa Apso and the biggest love around.

Mylene said...

That's a wonderful gift you made. Well done!

AnneS said...

What an amazing scrapbook gift you made - an absolute treasure! :D