Thursday, July 06, 2006

F is for Friend

Here is my latest PS block, finished off last night while watching the premiere of Rockstar: Supernova. This is block 19 of 26 finished - only 7 left to go! When I wonder what on earth I will do when I have all 26 blocks completed, I only need to look at the other alphabet pattern collections or monthly collections I have been acquiring, to know that I'll find something else to keep me busy.

And what's next on the agenda?

I just got in my latest order from SB&B and received several of the Carriage House Samplings Alphabet series. They are such sweet little patterns. There are several members of the Prairie Schooler message board who are currently working on, or about to start these. I'm will probably work on all on one piece of fabric and use the freebie border that was created for them. But ouch, having to buy each alphabet pattern separately sure has become costly. Luckily, the A and N are also freebies!


Christine Doyle said...

Looks great, Wendy!

KarenV said...

Love your PS piece :)

I'm stitching the CHS alphabet charts but keeping the costs down by sharing with a friend. We're buying half the alphabet each and then swapping and it's made it a lot more affordable. They're really fun to stitch!

Katrina said...

oh, thats a nice piece Wendy, a lovely friendship design. Enjoy your new stash :)

Concetta said...

I so want to get the entire Carriage House Samplings Alphabet series too! I will one of these days... I need to be good for a little while after a recent splurge, though. ;-) Have you thought about a fabric for it? I love looking at your blog, you've done so many gorgeous projects (and take wonderful photos)!

Von said...

Love all these alphabet series! Can't wait to see them all finished and put together. :D