Monday, July 17, 2006

More little animals

Here's my Noah's Ark baby sampler....slowing growing longer and longer with more animals. I started working on the giraffe on Friday and finished off most of him last night until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

It was a busy weekend with a shopping trip to Kitchener/Waterloo to visit 5 scrapbooking stores plus two fabric shops. I was very good however with my shopping and only bought some textured cardstock and some very sweet snowflake and snowmen stamps in the hopes of making my own Christmas cards this year. Carrie and I also managed to visit my favourite meat market and then we were the sole customers of a fantastic little Chinese restaurant in downtown Kitchener. It was 3:30 in the afternoon and I guess not a time that people usually decide to eat so it was a very late lunch or early supper for us. Hmm, the food there is really to die for. Carrie had her camera but forgot to take pictures as she is currently in her food picture taking mode. I guess we were both too hungry too remember!

Saturday night and Sunday morning Carrie worked on a new scrapbook layout with baby Scarlett - for whom I'm making the birth sampler. Here is a link to Carrie's blog for pictures! She is such a sweet little baby - we visited her last Thursday.

Yesterday we went to Mississauga to visit friends in their new home and another little shopping trip to Costco this time. Luckily everywhere we went had air conditioning but any venturing outside was so draining - the temperature went up to 36 C yesterday and with the humidex was well over 40 C! Going outside really felt like someone had opened a giant oven door and we were walking in for a little roasting. Today its going to feel so good to stay inside with my A/C and a cold glass of water!


KarenV said...

Your Noah's Ark sampler is looking lovely Wendy!

We haven't quite reached 36 degrees C here but we're not far off. It really is too hot to do much at the moment...

Mylene said...

Hi Wendy, your sampler is going great.
Here's above 30 degrees C and it feels really hot.
Have a nice week.

Stitch or no stitch said...

Noah's Ark is looking lovely. Sounds like you and DD had a real fun weekend. The heat certainly is unbearable everywhere this summer.


Katrina said...

sounds like a lovely weekend Wendy, and you were very restrained, lol. I'm going on retreat this coming weekend with my stitching buddies and we hope to stop by a few LNS's :)

Anita said...

this is very pretty. I love the