Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blackbird SAL

Okay well at least finally I figured out how to get a picture in without Blogger's help. And on to what I originally wanted to post about....

I added a new sidebar called Blackbird SAL (also causing me endless trouble today trying to republish this blog). All the links should work ... hopefully.... including the SAL Album which Eva has set up for us. Our SAL doesn't officially start until August 1st but meanwhile we are all having fun getting our fabric and fibres organized.

I'm still waiting on a shipment of GAST's which probably won't come until after I leave for holidays, but I can get started anyways since I'm also using some DMC's. And here is a pic of my fabric, I think its a Light Sand 32 ct linen.

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VavadesNeiges said...

waiting 3 days and we start !
i'm so happy :-)
this group is very friendly and ... chatty ! lol