Friday, July 07, 2006

A Blackbird Stitch-Along

Here's the newest pattern I got in the mail from my SB&B order! Its called When This You See, by Blackbird Designs. I've joined in an on-line stitch-along with Eva which she has organized. So far our stitchalong group includes 8 members:

Eva (France)
Su (UK)
Siobhan (Ireland "US" or US "Ireland" lol)
Valérie (France)
Yumi (Japan)
Véronique (France)
Valérie (France)
and me!

I don't know yet if any of these ladies have blogs, but it will be a great way to keep in touch and view everyone's progress.

I have ordered GAST chamomile for the grass, and WDW Pebble, Palomino and Dolphin where I think the variegation will most show. Otherwise I think I'll substitute with DMC - just to be a little kinder to my poor worn-out Visa!

I also received in my Village Market Freebies CD and I have to say this was $2.50 very well spent. I sent the CD along to work with my daughter and look at the wonderful book she sent back:

She not only printed out all the charts, but also collated them into a booklet and created an index! What a great girl - she knows very well how crazy her Mum is about all things cross-stitch related. These patterns are fantastic! I can't wait to try to sort out which ones I tihnk I will use and play around with how to stitch them together.

We are off to our cottage tonight - the weather forecast for this weekend is great- temperatures around 30 degrees C, so the lake temperature should be perfect. We have cousins visiting tomorrow so I'm looking forwards to seeing them and playing in the water and boat. Have a great weekend!!!


Kelly said...

Have a fun weekend at the cottage Mom! I hope the weather holds out for you guys!!

Sylvie said...

what a lovely project. Can't wait to see you progress!

SmileyCarrie said...

Ohh I love that cross stitch pattern... "When this you see". If you're unsure of what to do with this once you're done... let me know ;) ;)

Leah said...

That's a great design. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on it!

Véronique (Paris) said...

Hi Wendy,
I hope that we will have a nice time on this project ! This is my second BB design. I love its old design with muted colors. So long !

La natole said...

It'll be my first BB!!
And I'm happy very happy to stitch it with you :o)

my blog is here:

and I am one of the "Valerie", from Strasbourg, France.