Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Prairie Schooler find!

This should certainly encourage me to clean out my stash more often! I was digging through some very old stash that was tucked away in a drawer and really just tossing most of it away. But I picked this booklet up again when I spotted a tiny wee red schoolhouse at the bottom and recognized it as the Prairie Schooler symbol. Its an old leaflet that was released by McCall's in 1994 called "Best of the Barn". Of course this was bought in my very early stitching days and long before I even thought about 'designers' who create these wonderful patterns.

The funny part too I had actually stitched the 'sheep' design but stitched it on a tiny piece of aida cloth, that only left less than 1/2" all the way around the edges.

This is certainly going to make me pay more attention to old leaflets and magazines, who's to know what other treasures there might be?

So needless to say, I retrieved this lovely old leaflet out of my donation pile and it now has a nice new home in amongst its fellow PS charts. May be one day I'll even stitch it!


Concetta said...

I wish I had as good taste as you did in 1994... I was still stitching *everything* on aida and always kits back then! ;) What a great find! Isn't it wonderful when you find a gem that you'd forgotten about like that?

Stitch or no stitch said...

Saw you on Mylene's site and thought I'd drop by to visit a fellow Canadian. I was raised in Thunder Bay.

I've been scrolling through your site and your projects are beautiful. How lucky that you re-found your barn animals after all this time. They're probably even more popular now than they were then.


Lee-ann said...

Hello from australia gosh I did not know they were a popular stitching pattern book I best go and have a look at mine I am sure there are a few tucked away for the past 15 years or so and now have to be back and and used again.

the little red house is special is it! :o)

It was lovely to drop into your blog and I will retrun soon to catch up on your past posts as your pieces are so lovely.

best wishes