Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Anne's Round Robin

I received my first RR piece in the mail the other day - from Anne in Australia. She chose Ducks for her theme and very kindly sent along the patterns to chose from for each of us. Here is a shot of her finished square:

I've made a start on mine but I'm afraid it isn't much to look at so far!

And what a crazy morning - I sent hubby off with Nick for his final appointment with the hand specialist to check on his broken finger - only to realize I had the wrong date for the appointment. All the appointments so far have been on Wednesdays, and I was told this specialist is only in Oshawa on Wednesdays, so I naturally assumed this appointment was also on Wednesdays. So poor hubby and Nick were sitting in an empty clinic for 1/2 hour before they called home, just in case, and when I checked the appointment card, sure enough the appointment is for tomorrow!

I felt awful about making such a mistake but sweet hubby, already being late for work anyways, suggested we go out for breakfast anyways. What a nice treat!


Singular Stitches said...

Oh, no! That sounds like something I'd do!

I love blob of a duck square! :o)