Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! it really 11:00 am already? Time for a nap soon?

Yes we had a very late night with friends....but I am at the computer with my eyes only half open, very eager as I was to download the first part of Chatelaine's Mystery X.

But I can't start it yet as my kit hasn't arrived. All my mailman stalking did me no good as my poor little kit never arrived in time for me to fondle and play with the silkies until the big day today. But I now have downloaded Part I, figured out somehow how to enlarge through Adobe, and have all the sections neatly tucked away.....waiting. And I'm drumming my fingers on the desk as I am itching to make a start on something. Its an annual tradition for me!

Our Blackbird SAL is ready and waiting but the start time has been staggered as so many of us were already anticipating other starts for January 1st. So I think we have all agreed to have Part I finished by January 31st. And meanwhile I'm in such a quandry as to what to pull out to work on. Although I know these tired eyes can't cope with too much today. Its such a bright day, I may just have to get outside and see if I can get a rousing long walk in with the doggies instead.

The house is quiet as we went down from 7 to only 3 yesterday. Kelly and Chris left at noon for New York to spent New Year's with his mother. I did manage to get in my New Year's pictures of all of us and here is my favourite one of my 3 babies:


Isabelle said...

Happy New Year, Wendy! (((hugs)))
Waking up was real tough here too ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of your kids.

Mary Ann said...

Happy New Year, Wendy!! Such a great picture of your kids!

Karen said...

Happy New Year Wendy!! That's a great picture of your kids. :)

Stitch or no stitch said...

Happy New Year Wendy.
Great picture of your kids. Isn't it wonderful to have them all home for a while!!
Oh how exciting, getting the first part of your Mystery. I am so looking forward to seeing pictures as these gardens are always so amazing.

Susimac said...

Happy New Year to you Wendy and your lovely family. I can't wait to start on our SAL.

Annemarie said...

Happy New Year, Wendy! That's a lovely picture! Have fun with your new mystery!

Vonna said...

You should be a proud Mama, your babies are precious!

quiltorstitch said...

Happy New Year! You have a great looking family :D

Can't wait to see your pretties for your mystery!

Coonie said...

Happy New Year, Wendy!