Friday, December 15, 2006

Guild RR

I finished up the latest exchange for the our Guild Christmas Tree RR. This is Cindy's and she wanted a more traditional theme with bright colours. Easy to find a little pattern huh? Not in any of the numerous JCS ornie issues that I have stockpiled. I had to revert to pulling out some of my C/S books and finally found something in a Donna Kooler book called 555 Christmas designs.

I decided on the pine bough with the 3 ornies and got these stitched and finished in the evening, so its ready to hand off at our Christmas party next week. I'm so anxious to see how mine is coming along, I chose Celtic Knots as my theme. We're not to see them until the finish and they have already been handed off 3 times.

I took apart my poor doggie ornie and as I thought there is minimal fabric left at the corners, as I had trimmed these when I put it together. I have to admit the picture looked better than he did in R/L, think of a stitched piece framed very wrinkled and not stretched well, and that's what it looked like with a too small piece of mat board stuck inside the ornie. So thanks for the great ideas - I think he's going to be finished into a little pillow instead. But if I have time...and the inclination for more stitching....I found 2 more similar style ornies in my JCS issues. One has a bunny and a tree, and the other a kitty and a tree. I still have the same gray linen that I used...another thought I had was to stitch the 2 new ones and make the 3 into a banner. Would look cute, eh?


Isabelle said...

Your doggie would look totally cute in a banner with two other critters!

Your RR stitching looks lovely. Wow, you do a lot of RRs don't you!

Vonna said...

Love the RR that you're doing...So what was the theme for your RR? I'm trying to figure out mine, if I get asked to do one (that is) :o)
I'm sure the doggie would look lovely with some friends!

Mary Ann said...

I loved what you added to the Christmas tree RR! And, the little doggie would look cute in a banner with 2 little friends!!

Anonymous said...

The Christmas Tree looks great.

AnneS said...

I love your Christmas tree additions - what a great idea for a RR :) And a great idea to have 3 critters stitched as a banner - that would definitely look cute! :D

Sharon said...

Wendy, I love that design that you stitched for the RR. Looks so beautiful. What a great idea.