Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blackbird SAL - Part 4

Only one more section of When This You See to finish, and that is going to wait for a few days before I start. Meanwhile I have to get cracking on the Robin's Nest RR - I have Vash's to work on and I have my Vermillion freebie bird picked and printed out. Then to work on my Guild RR - I currently have Dana's Christmas tree and she has chosen a traditional European Christmas theme for her. Not a problem there, since I have so many of the JCS Ornie issues in my possession. But I would like to get these must-do's out of the way before any more 'free' stitching.

Our stitching get-together at Marj's was a lot of fun and so nice to get out for the day since I have been so housebound the past month. It is so inspiring to see everyone's stitching (and knitting) and it just spurs me on to turbo-stitch once I get home. We are starting another round robin within our group - based on the neighbourhood round robins that we have seen online, so that's another project starting up. We hope to have our fabric and first house done to pass along at the next gathering which will be ar Marsha's on November 11. But the nice part is also that there are no time constraints in our own RR, whoever is ready, passes along to whoever is ready to stitch one.


Alberta said...

I can understand your must do's! I have a couple to finish myself. But sometimes I find I do better work when I set some deadlines. BTW - I love the antique feel of your lastest project. I have a couple of samplers on my wish list.

Von said...

Oh, almost finished!! It'll be fun to come back to a quick finish after working on your other projecs. :D

Stitch or no stitch said...

Yes I agree that it feels good to have some of your 'must do's' finished.
Your new no rush RR sounds like great fun. I love the look of these neighbourhoods.
Have a good weekend.

Sue said...

When This You See is coming along so nicely. It looks wonderful.

Vonna said...

Your work is nearly completed and its a real beaut!

I envy you...I think those Neighborhood RR's are just adorable to see everyone's translation....Have fun!

Barbara said...

This is looking so beautiful!!

VavadesNeiges - Eva said...

you did a great job Wendy ! just in time
your WTYS is coming lovely !
i've just added your piccie on our bellapix album