Monday, October 02, 2006

Finishing weekend

I don't have my pics downloaded from the camera yet but I have a few more to post - from our apple picking at a local orchard and another stitching finish.

This is called the Pumpkin Flower Sampler by Bent Creek and a very quick little one to do - one day actually! I finished it up yesterday into a little wallhanging to put by the front door. The fabric was actually a bright white and once I started stitching, I wondered what I was thinking using fabric this colour. So once the stitching of the alphabet was done, I tea-dyed the whole piece and it came out to a much warmer colour.

I got back in to see my naturopath on Friday and was complaining bitterly about my total lack of energy. I know its only been a few weeks since surgery but still....I hate not wanting to do anything more than sitting in my big ol' chair with my stitching. She offered me a Vitamin B6/12 shot to try and wow - by Sunday I felt amazing! Which is why I so enjoyed tramping through an apple orchard apple picking yesterday. Then it was off to the library for some DVD's and books, and home to cook Sunday dinner. So I am definitely going back for more of these shots!

And tomorrow is my birthday! Now to figure out what special birthday treat to buy for myself....


Kelly said...

I wish I could have gone Apple picking with you guys! I love fresh apples.
& Happy *almost* Birthday! I hope you don't mind but I'm saving your present for when you come & visit.

AnneS said...

I don't envy you those B12 shots ... they do work wonders, but they're not very comfy to take! :( Your latest finish is really cute :) Have an awesomely happy birthday tomorrow if I don't get chance to visit again before then :D {{hugs}}

Annemarie said...

Happy birthday Wendy! I wonder how you decided to treat yourself. Another walk through the orchard perhaps? The Pumpkin Flower Sampler is a great favourite of mine. Your came out wonderfully well!

Vonna said...

You're Bent Creek Pumpking Flower wallhanging is so cute! Great fabric and the tea dying is perfect!
It's that time of year to enjoy tromping around in the fall splendor, we're starting to turn here....Glad you had a great time!
Maybe I need to get a B12! I could use with a little extra energy myself!
Have a HAPPY BIRHTDAY! Pick out something GREAT for yourself! We all deserve a good thing on our birthday!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Happy Birthday Wendy. Have a wonderful day.
Love your PF sampler. What a great idea to tea dye the fabric. Looks lovely.

Rebecca said...

I love your sampler! So much that I hope you don't mind, I took it and added it to the Yahoo Group as the intro pic for the month!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you treated yourself to something wonderful!

Glenna said...

Happy Birthday! Hopefully you bought yourself some stash! Stash is the best birthday present, of course. I'm glad the B6/B12 shot helped so much--I've heard they're good. Cute sampler--clever to tea-dye it.

Von said...

The tea bath was a terrific idea, Wendy. It's just a really great project - congrats! :D

Glad the B12 shots have put the zing back into your life. And have a really wonderful birthday!!

Katrina said...

happy belated birthday Wendy, hope you had a fantastic day, and what did you treat yourself too? some new stash perhaps? :)

The pumpkin sampler is lovely too, great finishing as well.

Anita said...

I love the fabric you use to finish the pumpkin piece and
it is so pretty.