Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some more Thanksgiving pics

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A few more pictures of last weekend to see! For some reason Blogger hasn't liked me this week nor has Photobucket, as neither site would let me upload any pictures.....But I have to get a couple more up, if only to remind myself of how great the weather was, because it feels like we're into winter right now. We have even had snow flurries!

I stitched this week on another PS alphabet block - C is for Cow - and its nearing the end, as soon as its done I'll get a picture up (hopefully) and that of my last finish D is for Duck. I did manage to play around with another photo hosting site yesterday and got the new Flickr multi-image thingy to work, which you can see on the right hand side. I just put up pics of all my PS blocks so far. I'm getting exciting that this is nearing the end - only 4 blocks left to go!

Marj is coming by today to give me a hand with my sewing box so I can get my homework caught up. I pulled out all my pieces the other day and had no idea where to begin. That will teach me for not completing that part shortly after the Guild meeting! Marj is bringing her sewing machine and I'll try to give her a bit of a lesson, as long we can get it threaded.

Have a great weekend!


Alberta said...

Wendy, your photographs are awesome! I hope that big snow fall didn't affect you. When we lived in ON, in Kingston, I used to love the autumn colours, especially the maples. I wish it wasn't so cold and brutal in our winters, or I would have one!

Have a great weekend. We are expecting snow this afternoon so I had best get busy outside.

Vonna said...

Love all your PS blocks! I think I may have to check out Flickr!
The photos of your weekend last week are beautiful!
It's COLD here too in winter already..but I'm not complaining, I figure I can always put on more clothes when it's cold, just can't take more off when it's hot! LOL!

Nicole said...

Beautiful pictures!! I'm so jealous! I just moved down to Florida and I miss fall. It's my favorite season!

AnneS said...

Love your Thanksgiving photos - they're absolutely beautiful :D

Karen said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

Wendy, your pix have captured the essence of autumn. Too bad it doesn't last longer. The dogs look like they're loving every minute of the beautiful weather, and it's wonderful for you to be able to take your work outside.