Monday, October 16, 2006

Its a Sewing Lesson!

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Saturday afternoon was sewing lesson time. We got Marj's sewing machine figured out and it works like a dream. A noisy dream!
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She managed to get a few of her smaller finishes done - Poor Jack, a freebie by Just Nan was made into an ornament to hang just in time for Hallowe'en. And the Kitty is I think a Bent Creek piece, but I'll have to check the name of the design. This guy is being made into a pillow. She also started the finishing of her M Designs' letters into ornaments for Christmas gifts.
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And I have most of my sewing box pieces covered with fabric and ready to assemble. It was a busy afternoon!


bunnyhead said...

Great job with your finishes! They are adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Yea for you on finishes!!

I like the new blog colors, very seasonal. :o)

Barbara said...

Yep, that's "EduCATed" by Bent Creek. Looks adorable here!

Sorry I haven't visited in awhile, but I've really enjoyed catching up on your recent projects and LOVELY fall pictures just now! :)

Lili said...

Well, cute projects with GREAT finishes!!!
I also enjoyed the pictures very much as they made me dream: thanks for sharing!
Take care!

Sue said...

Both pieces are great. Nice finishing.

Isabelle said...

Lovely sewing! And ooooh, I love your new Fall blog look! So warm :)

Annemarie said...

Great finishes Wendy! I love the spider project, weird as that may sound. And Ted looks wonderful too!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Looks like the two of you were having a great time on Saturday.
Enjoyed your lovely fall pictures. Your latest finishes are so cute.

Singular Stitches said...

LOL! I love the picture! Too funny!

The finishes are so pretty!