Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finally... we had a Tour

Carrie started her new job as a Radiation Therapist at the Durham Cancer Centre in early May when the centre officially opened, but the public tour was only held this past Thursday and of course hubby and I were very anxious to attend! And wow - very snazzy place and very state of the art. It was definitely well worth the years and years of waiting that the people of this area have had to go through. They have only been open 5 weeks and are already expanding!

So far in the Radiation Centre, only 3 machines are available and Carrie is posing with here with one. It was pretty cool to see everything in person after having her describe everything to us. How impressive to have our own tour guide!

We had a wonderful weekend at the cottage - the weather is spoiling us!

Not too much to show on the stitching front, I worked on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, House #5. I felt like I spent a lot of time on it, but not too much to show for it!

I'm working on getting my birthday present together for the Bloggers Birthday Club, I'm almost ready to get my parcel into the mail. And then I'm ready to start my first squares for the Fair and Square exchange for Barbara.

But I have to confess, I can feel a case of startitis coming on, especially since I have officially finished off my Prairie Schooler blocks. I have so many things waiting for me to start. I think I need to start making a list.....decisions, decisions!


Barbara said...

Wow, that's a big ... machine!

Love your work on HOHRH. The houses are very stitching-intensive, but well worth the effort!

Vonna said...

That looks like a lovely center that Carrie is working at! So clean and sparkling :)

Can't wait to see what you decide :)
Or if you're like me you can just start and start things and never finish them :)

stitcherw said...

Looks like a lovely place, and Carrie looks happy to be showing it off.

Your Houses project is coming along nicely. If you were to start a new one, which ones are highest on the consideration list?

Cathy said...

Hi Wendy. I just finished my Fair and Square exchange - such a cool idea, isn't it. Your HoHrh is looking great.

You must be really proud of Carrie!

tkdchick said...

Wow the cancer center looks lovely and not so clinical.

HOHRH looks lovely!

Lili said...

Startitis is fine as long as you still have finishes! I wrote that the other day, and I feel I'm wise... lol!
Your houses project is cool. Though I know it's huge so it's fine to have little things to do in between...
I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your comments on my blog, Wendy. Thank you.
Take care, Lili

Lili said...

PS: Carrie looks great on the pics. I think she's doing a very important job. You must be proud of her.

msstitch01 said...

Your HOHRH is looking great Wendy. It looks ike a big project.

Your daughter looks very happy at her work. I would be too I imagine if I had one of those machines to use. No wonder she has had to study so hard... but all worth it in the end it looks like.

Cheryl said...

That new centre looks like quite a place!
Love your HOHRH! Im always suffering from startitis LOL

Michelle said...

HOHRH is looking fantastic. Can't wait to see what your new start may be!

Carol said...

I love your HOHRH! I am on that house square now too.... the colors are a little odd using the VC conversion that I have, though.

Carla said...

That cancer center looks great! Nice progress on HOHRH

Von said...

That cancer center IS snazzy!! Congrats to Carrie on her position there. :)

Start away, dear friend. Just be sure to share with us!

Hazel said...

Loving your HoHRH. Its really coming along. xx