Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Teresa Wentzler

I haven't had much stitching accomplished in the past few days so I thought I would post a couple of older finishes.

This is my TW Round Robin that my TW stitching pals worked on for me. The top section is what I stitched, which is the top arch from TW's Birth Sampler. The 7 bands below are from different TW borders, each one just as stunning as the other. I received it finished last fall and I have yet to get back to it to finish the sides bars and the small bottom section, which will be the bottom arch from Birth Sampler.

This one is Egyptian Sampler which I think I finished 3 year ago and has been sitting languishing in my stitching bag ever since. It was a fun one to work on with all the different motifs.

And this is my latest TW finish - Woodland Faerie. I spent a good part of last year working on her and finished in September. I decided against the outermost border, I preferred leaving her with the leafy border instead as I thought the final border would look too heavy, especially since most of the design is solid stitching.

I have several more TW's in my stash, luckily for me she has stopped designing for a while, as there is no way I could keep up with her gorgeous designs. And this is the first time in a long while I haven't had a TW on the go.

I can't believe how hot it is already this morning - the temp in the house was 27 C at 7:30 am, so I had to break down and turn on the a/c. The forecast for today is for 35 C, with a humidex of 42 C. And its only May still!


Mylene said...

Those are gorgeous finsihes, Wendy. All big projects and very delicate. Glad to know i am not the only who have finishes piled up for a few years and still not framed or worked into something. The Winnie the pooh i am working is ordered by a friend for her little son who is crazy of WTP. Best wishes.

Katrina said...

Hi Wendy, I'm a TW fan too and also stitched Egyptian Sampler a few years ago. I've also stitched Tradewinds and the Mermaid :)

The Woodland fairy is lovely too.

Von said...

Wendy, you can really feel proud of yourself to have finished stitching such large, intricate designs!! They're beautiful. :D