Monday, May 01, 2006

Creative Festival stash

Spring is finally here, and to stay! What great weather we had all weekend long, and not a rain drop in sight.

The Creative Needlework festival was wonderful - and far too easy to spend all my money. It wasn't overly crowded which made visiting all the booths much much easier. Although there wasn't too much to be seen, stitching-wise, the quilting and scrapbooking areas far made up for it.

Here is a pic of the newest must-have series that I spotted. Its called Coffee Classic Inspirations, by McKenna Ryan. I have done a couple of her patterns and they are a lot of fun, lots of tracing of little tiny pieces and cutting out, but so easy to put together with heat-n-bond. Then its just top stitching ! The store that had these patterns kitted up, unfortunately was out of them, so I'll just have to make a point of getting into their shop next month. This will look great on my newly painted kitchen wall.

I did hit Len's Mill and found a really cute house panel and a couple of fabrics that will coordinate to make a table runner. I also picked up a bag pattern and then found some ultra-suede to make it and a very pretty batik to use as lining.

And the knitting bug has truly gotten me, for some crazy reason, could be all the knitting I've been reading about on other blogs, and seeing Nancy's gorgeous knitted afghan at our last get-together. I found a lovely sweater pattern kit at Mary Maxim's and that ended up in my bag to take home also. And I even managed to get it started last night, even after the kids had dragged me down to the lake for a 5 km bike ride. They were rollerblading, far more difficult than what I was doing, but hey, they're a lot younger than me!


Nicki said...

I love those coffee scenes too! I just discovered Mckenna Ryan the other day and I've never quilted, so I'm not sure if they'd be too hard, but they look so lovely! There are three gorgeous cat ones too!

Nancy said...

Isn't that funny, Wendy! Seeing all your stitching has inspired me to stitch again and my knitting bug has now bitten you. Mind you, I'm still in a bit of a knitting mood myself. Your pattern looks gorgeous..maybe I should pick up another knitting project while I'm off....