Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Its an Ark!

Yes, its an ark, although it is hard to tell...I got tired of endless brown stitching and I was eager to get more of the ark shape done, so I jumped ahead and started in on the body. This part is getting to be rather tedious stitching, I never have been a fan of stitching with the same colour in a long continuous line. I'm anxious to start in on the animals as they are so cute.

So much for a holiday weekend - we had the coldest, rainiest, dullest Victoria Day Weekend that I can remember. It was fine at the cottage inside as my hubby had roaring fires going which were really too hot, we could have cooked off them. Losing power for several hours Sunday afternoon made for a very interesting dinner! Luckily to counter all the miserable weather, Carrie, JF and I had a great time at Saturday's auction. No purchases for me, although I am really frustrated that I didn't bid on several numbered reprints from the Group of Seven. There were several that would have looked wonderful in my living room, and they each sold for $100-130 - amazing! Sunday, we visited a couple of small towns not too far a drive away and had a fun time shopping, and even found 3 scrapbook stores!

And of course that also left lots of time for stitching! And at least its a short work week too!!

And very sad news from Kelly ~ she and Chris were off for a holiday weekend in Georgia. They had just dropped off puppy Molly at a friend's and 2 hours later had a phone call that Molly had escaped from their fenced back yard and was hit by a car and killed. Poor little thing! Kelly is naturally very upset. It was especially hard when they got back home and saw her bed and all her toys lying about. Hard to know why these things happen...


Barbara said...

Your ark looks good so far - I stitched one awhile back and ran into the same problem of the monotony of stitching with one color for long stretches.

Nancy in IL said...

Your Stoney Creek Attitude is just gorgeous! That represents a lot of work!

I love the ark so far, and Prairie Schooler is one of my all-time favorite designers.

All your WIP's are wonderful!

Annette said...

I stitched the Snappers last year and enjoyed every one (well, except June....but it still got done!).

I've now added PS Two by Two to the Wish List - it's wonderful!