Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Dancing!

I'm finished...I'm finished!!! Attitudes by Stoney Creek that I have stitched for my daughter Carrie is now officially finished. It looks lovely, if I do say so myself, and I'm very pleased to have done this in record speed for me ~ I started it on February 26th and finished on May 17th. But I also really worked on very little else meanwhile.

This is Carrie's graduation present after 5 very long years at university. She is graduating in radiation therapy this fall. And when I showed her the finished 'Attitudes', she told us she is now considering another 2 years to complete her master's degree. Now I'm wondering what on earth could I possibly stitch her for that?

Last night I put some stitches in my Bent Creek Snappers series - I had sadly fallen behind in that and I'm finally catching up with the May square. But I forgot about my 4 Saisons Thursday night! I owe 3 Thurdays now to this one.

Its a holiday weekend with Victoria Day on Monday - that means cottage time - and we're cottage-bound on Saturday to Monday. Its been unseasonably cool the past few days so I'm really hoping at least the sun stays out and lets us enjoy being outside by the water.

Have a great weekend!


Christine Doyle said...

Congratulations, Wendy! It looks fantastic

Nicki said...

That's just beautiful Wendy! So much effort and love that's gone into it. :)

Barbara said...

Oh, Wendy, that's such a gorgeous gift for your daughter! I'm sure you'll find the perfect gift to make for her Master's degree, too! ;-)

Isabelle said...

Oh wow! Your finish is gorgeous, Wendy. What a great gift :)

The pattern of my sewing case is the Marquoir aux Oiseaux by Danielle Gouriou-Curie of Couleurs Croisées. Please let me know if your own shops don't have it and I can give you links to French ONS that sell it :)

Mylene said...

Hello Wendy, the 'attittudes' is just beautiful. It is on my wishlist to stitch it someday.
Congrats on the finish.