Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Noah's Ark is on the boards...

Nothing is more thrilling than starting a new project. Well, except may be finishing one! My niece is about 3 weeks away from having a new baby so its not like I didn't have any warning to get something stitched, but other things kept getting in the way. And possibilities for birth samplers are endless these days, the more I searched on-line, the more things I found that I liked. What finally narrowed down my search was my love of anything-Prairie Schooler, and knowing that my niece likes Noah's Ark pieces.

On my last visit to Knowledge & Needles, I found 2 PS charts called Two by Two and Two by Two II and while not looking like a birth sampler, I absolutely loved the ark and all the charted animals. Ann suggested a band sampler style for a birth sampler and I was sold! Then it was a matter of how on earth do I chart out such a thing.

I found an on line source for graph paper and scanned all the charts of the ark and animals. I cut them out and started placing them in different positions on my graph paper. The charts are all slightly different sizes, so it really was a matter of trying to figure out which ones worked together best and flowed fairly smoothly. Carrie helped out using Excel to chart out the blocks, so I could make sure that I have a general idea of where each animal will be stitched in relation to the others. And with hubby making a final copy of all my various bits and pieces, finally I have my PS Noah's Ark Birth Sampler ready to go.

And amazingly enough, I found a piece of 28 count cream quaker cloth in my stash - perfect size - 14" x 55". I think this was an odds & ends piece from Silkweaver that I bought ages ago.

Now .... to just make my first few stitches! Hmmm, don't think this will be ready in time for the baby though!


Renee said...

That sounds like quite a project, but it also sounds like it will be wonderful when it is done! :)

Christine Doyle said...

Very cool, Wendy! It should look fabulous when it is all done - can't wait!

Nicki said...

What a fantastic idea! I love it! Looking forward to seeing progress pictures :)