Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back home again

Holidays are over - and far too quickly! The weather I can't say was the greatest, lots and lots of rain but still, days spent stitching are never too dreary for me.

And I have a lot of pictures to show, be patient with me!

First off a start and finish:
Little House Needleworks 'Apples' on 32 ct cream linen with Crescent Colours

And another start and finish:
Little House Needleworks 'Reading' from the Little Women series, on 32 ct antique white, using Crescent Colours.
And next up, another start:

This is the Prairie Schooler 2008 Christmas kit, on the provided linen and Crescent Colours, once again.

And yet another Prairie Schooler start, Winter Wind. Of course I was missing just that 1-2 colours of DMC that i needed, so there are some spaces up top that need to be filled in.

We got home on Friday night but the end of our holidays has been tempered by Kelsey having gotten out of the house and now missing for almost 24 hours. We didn't even realize she was missing until about 2 hours after, as she quite often naps for a long spell after her running about at the cottage. Every one was out looking for her Saturday night but no luck. So the local animal shelters have been called, emergency vet clinics, and she is micro-chipped. We are hoping desperately that someone has taken her in and will call one of these places tomorrow, thinking that nothing would be open on Sunday. Please send good thoughts for her safe return home. Here's a picture of her ~

Updated (Monday) Kelsey is back home! A lady saw her wandering about near busy roads and picked her up for us. Unfortunately with the weekend, she was unable to contact any of the animal welfare groups we had contacted until Monday morning. As soon as J-F got the phone call, we were off to get her and bring her back home, safe and sound! Now to get that new dog tag with the proper address.....


Marion said...

Prayers for Kelsey!

Also, wonderful stitching! I imagine your weather was much like ours here in Nova Scotia...not the best August weatherwise I do have to say.
Take care

Glenna said...

Best wishes for Kelsey's safe and speedy return.

Beautiful stitching! I love all of them--it's obvious you got to stitch quite a bit!

I sent off the package with the RR in it on Thurs. August 7--hopefully it will get to you soon. I did all the usual things with it, except they didn't have the international envelopes at the P.O. which they said wouldn't make any difference, since they said it'd be 5-10 business days. Yet it was less expensive than usual for a larger package, so I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't take forever to get to you.

Cathy B said...

Oh Wendy - I so hope Kelsey is found! She is such a cute little dog!

Great stitching ---

CraftyT said...

Oh my, I will keep you in my thoughts for a safe journey home for your pup

Lynn said...

You must be worried sick about Kelsey! I'm so sorry your holidays had to end like this. I'll say a prayer for her safe return.
Goodness but you did get a lot accomplished at the cottage! LHN and PS are some of my most favourite charts so I love all of them. I especially like the look of that PS Santa!
Our cottage weather wasn't the greatest either but I'd rather spend a bad day at the cottage than anywhere else.

Kendra said...

Here's hoping Kelsey comes home soon! Hopefully she's been found by someone and you'll get her home after they make the calls Monday.


Yuko said...

Hi Wendy!
Wonderful stitching pieces!
You had stitched a lot as you told me, and they all are so lovely!
I love them all, very much!

Oh... Kelsey...
I do really hope she is now with someone very good and he/she will call one of the places soon.
Be home soon, Kelsey! from Japan

karenv said...

Congratulations on all your finishes and progresses!

I'm sorry to hear about Kelsey, hope she comes home soon.

Annemarie said...

Wendy, I do hope Kelsey will return very, very soon. Keeping everything crossed here!
I love all your new starts and finishes! But I was a little shocked to read Prairie Schooler designs are calling for Crescent Colours now. What's wrong with plain old DMC?

Karol said...

Looks like you had a very nice holiday with lots of beautiful stitching. Sending good thoughts for the return of your four-legged loved one.

Sherry said...

I will be hoping for a safe return home for Kelsey! I know you must be worried sick!

You got some wonderful stitching done! I love the PS Winter piece!

Nicki said...

I do hope Kelsey is found and returned home soon. You must be worried sick. {{{hugs}}}

staci said...

Wishing for a safe and quick return for Kelsey!

You sure did get a lot of fabulous stitching done! I love everything!

Julianne said...


I hope Kelsey will be found. I know how worried you must be. Hugs.

Carla said...

ooh I'm so sorry your little one has gone missing :( Hope you can find very soon ((hugs))

Marion said...

Yeah for kelsey!! Been checking back for an nice to see she's back home!


Beatrice said...

I'm so glad to hear that Kelsey got home safe and sound.
Whew what a scare!!!!
We missed you on the weekend.
You sure did your share of stitching on your holidays. Good for you lots of nice new starts! It's all beautiful.

stitcherw said...

I'm so glad to see your update that Kelsey is now back home safely. How scary it would have been when she was gone. I've been through that a couple of times over the years, and it is awful.

Loved your stitching pictures. Apples and Reading look wonderful, as do your to WIP's, you've been quite the busy lady.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Wendy,

Oh, I'm so glad that you've got
Kelsey back safe and sound!!
What a horrible thing to happen.
I'd be frantic if one of our
(house) cats got out and was
lost. Thank goodness for the
lady who saw her and picked her
up and cared for her until she
could contact you.

Your stitching starts and
finishes are terrific. Apples
is another in that wonderful
fruit series from LHN and it
looks so pretty. I want to
stitch all the Little Women
series together on one piece
of fabric. They are so cute.
And your Prairie Schooler
projects look great as well.

Too bad you had so much rain
for your vacation. As a
matter of fact, we're having
another storm here as I'm
typing this. What a summer
it's been this year for rain
and thunderstorms. Hopefully
the rest of the week will be
nice since DH and I are still
on holidays.


Christine said...

Many, many good thoughts being sent your way that Kelsey comes home very soon!

Love all of your projects!

Suzann said...

Lovely stitching. So happy to hear that your doggie is home safe and sound.

Cheryl said...

Oh im so glad Kelsey was found! What a worry!
Love all your stitching! I really like that "reading" one, havent seen it before

Redwitch said...

So glad Kelsey turned up!

Lovely stitching, can't choose a favourite they are all cute :)

Julianne said...


I'm so glad that she is safe.

BTW all of your stitching looks great. I'm doing the LHN "Reading" piece right now for a gift.

Sonda in OR said...

I love all of those pieces! Beautiful work! Glad Kelsey got home safely!

Carol said...

Your holidays sure were productivwe - great job on them all!

Andrea said...

You have been busy, some great starts and even better finishes. :)

So glad Kelsey has returned safely.

samplerlover said...

Hi Wendy, Sorry I'm late catching up with my blogging. I am having back problems and I can't sit at the computer for long.
I'm glad that everything turned out ok for your Kelsey. Actually she looks alot like a little dog that we used to have called Ralph.
Sounds like you had the perfect stitchers holiday. Horrible weather where you don't need an excuse to sit and sew. You have done some wonderful work while you were away.
I hope you have a lovely weekend and that you are able to do whatever you have planned. - Sandra.

Michele said...

so glad to see that Kelsey is home safe and sound!!

You got a lot of stitching done on vacation! Good for you :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Reading finish I'm planning on buying that chart soon I love it.

Michelle said...

So glad Kelsey is back home safe and sound. What gorgeous stitching you've got here - love the PS pieces especially!