Monday, June 02, 2008

A quilt finish

Thank you for the anniversary good wishes! I really love reading comments and I am so appreciate of the time each person takes out of their busy lives to leave a few words behind for me ~ Thank you!!!

Hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the David Duncan House in Toronto, actually one of his favourite places to go. Of course he gets there far more often than I do, since its so close to his office, which means a favourite spot for business lunches. We had hoped to go to the new Indiana Jones movie, but the time we wanted was sold out and to have to wait for the later show, meant I probably would have fallen asleep and we wouldn't be home in time to pick Kristy up from work.
Hopefully we can get in to see it soon!

On Saturday I worked away and finally finished the machine quilting on 1 my Lucky Stars quilt, although I think the name should be Long Stars quilt. This one has been 5 years in the making. I have no excuse why, I absolutely love the blue/purple batiks that I used in this, but it just seemed to fall to the bottom of the pile of quilting that I kept adding on. That's a terrible fault of mine that I keep seeing new projects that I want to do and start, and forget about finishing off the numerous starts that I have made. But I do get around to them eventually :-D]

Happy Monday!


staci said...

Your quilt is gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!

Barbara said...

Woohoo on your quilt finish - long or lucky, those stars are fab! :D

Kelly said...

The quilt looks beautiful Mom!

Chris & I saw Indiana Jones last weekend, it was really good. You'll have to just make another date & see it soon :)

CraftyT said...

I am glad you had such a lovely time. Happy Anniversary!

The Quilt looks fantastic. Great job. I wanted to say thank you for the well wishes on my DH golf audition. We both appreciate them :)
Take Care

Marion said...

A belated Happy Anniversary!

Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I am in awe of people that quilt. I will stick to my cross-stitching.LOL
Take care

Carla said...

Belated Happy Anniversary !! I'm gladto read you had a lovely time with your hubby :)
The quilt you just finished is beautiful...well done!

Sonda in OR said...

That's a beautiful quilt, 5 years in the making or not! I love blue (second only to pink) so that quilt is a winner to me!

Julianne said...

Hi Wendy,

What a pretty quilt! I just love the colors in it.

Happy belated Anniversary! I wish you many more happy, healthy years together.

Lynn said...

That quilt is awesome! I love the colours of the squares.
Belated Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a lovely night out. Too bad you missed the movie. I saw it with my son last week and really enjoyed it. Of course I enjoy anything with Harrison Ford in it!

Michele said...

wow, that is one lovely quilt! glad you finally got it done and can enjoy it now :)

Beatrice said...

What a wonderful finish. Congratulations!!!
The colours ar amazing. So it took a few years ..oh well it's done and look at it WOW!!!!!

Isabelle said...

What a gorgeous quilt... You put me to shame, Wendy!

Carolien said...

What a lovely quilt, the colours are so beautiful!!!

Greetings, Carolien

monique said...

I'm a serial starter, too :) Beautiful quilt!!

samplerlover said...

Hi Wendy, Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations.
I'm glad that you had a lovely time for the Anniversary.
By the way the finally filled the pothole. Can't wait for them to finish the highway. - Sandra.

stitcherw said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, what beautiful colors. I love your earlier finish of the square for the RR, very cute and the little chickens, pumpkin and such were perfect touches.