Monday, June 16, 2008

L is for Lion

Its been quite a while so this poor little WIP was calling out to me ~ CHS Alphabet. I spent the past few evenings on it and finished up L is for Lion, and then started outlining some more of the blocks. I think I was hoping to pick this up and get one letter accomplished each week...and that was months ago!

We've had some wild weather this weekend, with several thunderstorms since Friday. I was online early Friday evening when one huge bolt of lightning hit, and the computer flared at me and our house alarm went off! Amazingly enough we didn't lose power. But our network router went as did the network cards in my computers and in Kristy's. Lucky for us, hubby is a computer pro. But we'll have to get the alarm people in to fix up the problem with that, as its not functioning at all (psst, don't tell anyone!)
On Saturday, there was a family bridal shower for Carrie and J-F at my sister's home. It was a gorgeous day and held outside. Carrie got an amazing amount of great gifts, lucky girl, but she is hoping to pack them away until they buy their first home.

The kids are in their final week of school......oh no!

Thanks for dropping by!


karenv said...

Love your progress on the alphabet Wendy - great work!

Margaret said...

What fun Carrie's shower must have been for all of you.

Love your Sunflower House - it looks like it will be a joy to stitch.

Great progress on your alphabet Wendy. This is such a pretty piece.

Like you I thought 'The Kite Runner' was great and enjoyed 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' just as much. Have you read 'Sister of My Heart' by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni? Wonderful book as well.

Barbara said...

What scary weather! Yikes!

Love your CHS alphabet process. This is one I've wanted to do for ages!

Carol R said...

CHS is coming along great. Sorry to hear of the wild weather you are having - keep safe!
Great gifts for Carrie.

Kathy said...

WOW CHS Alphabet is just lovley. can't wait to see the next installment.

Hugs xxxx

Cindy said...

We had a lightning strike near the house a few years back, tearing a huge rut in the yard. It shook the house and made the smoke alarms go off...they wouldn't stop until I turned off the power!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah, you've picked up the alphabet again, it looks great!!
Looks like you had a great party for Carrie!!

Yuko said...

Oh Wendy!
You do this, too?!
I have all alphabets charts with me,too! lol!!
And also I have been doing HORHR, too!
We have much in common!
Probably our taste are very alike!
This alphabets look very wonderful!
Are you usin over dyed threads for this??

Lynn said...

Nice to see your alpahbet out again... it's looking great.
Showers are so much fun! I love seeing all the lovely new things for the home. I think there should be showers for us again after say 15 or 20 years married so we can replace everything that's worn out!

Itching To Stitch said...

I wondered where this piece had disappeared to, glad to see it back. It looks great ;)

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Your alphabet is looking wonderful Wendy. I really want to start mine. If only there were 28 hours in a day:)

Carla said...

so nice to see you working on CHS alphabet again :)

samplerlover said...

Your alphabet is coming along beautifully. Love the lion.
It sounds as if Carrie had a lovely time with her shower and received some great gifts.
We have some really scarey thunderstorms up here sometimes in the mountains, as they seem to build up around here. A few hours later we usually hear that somewhere down the bottom of the mountain has had a lot of damage from the storms. Usually when I hear one rumble I go around and pull all the plugs out. I usually start with the computer and then the TV. - Sandra.

Heather said...

Love your alphabet :) You like alphabets!! :D I need to get some more of my WIP out to work on...

Glad your husband is a computer guy, what a pain to lose the computer!!!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Wendy,

Your CHS Alphabet looks terrific.
The lion looks suitably regal and
proud. This will be so lovely
when its completed.

Wedding showers are so much fun.
Looks like Kristy did very well
and had a good time. Lucky that
the weather co-operated that day.
It's been rather hectic weather
wise around here lately.

Sounds like you've experienced
the wicked weather first hand
having your security system
fried and the computer's router
wrecked. It's been crazy with all
the thunderstorms and cool
temperatures. Is this going to
be our summer?

Your Watermelons finish is lovely.
I adore these LHN packets and
have stitched two of them so far.
Such gorgeous colours. And they
do make a nice break from more
fussier designs. Hope the froggies
get bored and leave you and Love
alone, and that the miscounts
aren't too troublesome to repair.


Stephanie said...

I love the CHS alphabet - I think it's fair to say you've had a lot on since your idea of stitching one letter block a week ;)

Concetta said...

I love following your progress on the CHS alphabet - you always take such great photos, it's beautiful!

Beatrice said...

CHS alphabet is pretty.
I'm glad you had a good day for the shower!
The weather has been very interesting. I guess if I see lightning in the air I'll shut down the computer.!!!