Monday, December 31, 2007

WIP Confession Time

What a wonderful week we have had! Christmas was fantastic and very busy and the past week has just flown by far too quickly. I can't believe this is the last day of 2007!!!

The house has gotten back to normal today, the decorations have all been taken down and stored away for next year, and I have decided to take a cue from a few of the blogs that I have had time to take a peek at and do my own WIP review.

No New Year's resolutions for me this time around, except I have decided that next year is time to finish a few things. Of course I will always need to make room for some new starts, but I'm going to try to keep them on the small side, so they don't end up collecting dust like some of the ones I dug out today.

So here they are, although I do think I have forgotten one or two UFO's that haven't seen the light of day for far too long. Sorry for the not so great pictures, what sunlight we get these days seems very, winter!

Sampler Gameboard by Drawn Thread, on 32 ct Willow Green linen. This is such a fun piece to work on, I wondered when I laid out the fabric to take the picture why did I stop working on this one?

Sampler 4 Saisons by Anagram Diffusion, on 32 ct Antique Cream linen. This one is so pretty and I'm using Gloriana silks, a different colour for each season. I love working on the seasons themselves, but the tree really got to me......
Houses of Hawk Run Hollow on 40 ct LL Pearled Barley. Again, I really love working on this, but I have no set goal in mind, so its doubtful the end of 2008 will see this one finished off.

Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Sampler on 40 ct Cream Linen. Now this one I really would like to complete in the next year. I think I should work out a schedule to keep myself on track with this one.
And my poor Chatelaine MysteryX. I think I finally finished up the 3rd month, which was horrific and really put me off track. It took me months to get through it all, so by that point I was so far behind the group, I thought what was the point? I have sneaked a peek at the finished design though and it is stunning. I really need to get back to this one and play again with all those lovely silks.
But what's the new year without a new start?
Long Dog Sampler's Paradigm Lost....scheduled restart on January 2nd, with my brand new fat 1/2 on 40 ct Light Sand linen.
And I have to sneak in my latest obsession with Little House Needleworks. I bought the Home of a Needleworker pattern at the Toronto Creative Festival in the fall and its just begging to start. So I have a lovely piece of 32 ct cream Belfast and some very pretty GAST threads, waiting for the first few stitches tomorrow.
Hubby is calling as we're headed off to an early dinner. Happy New Year everyone!!!


Vonna said...

Wendy you're like me...I went through all of my WIPs and thought why didn't I finish this one or that one...I will look forward to all your progress and updates as you work on these lovelies and others ;)
Happy New Year!

staci said...

You have some beautiful projects there! Happy stitching in the new year!!!

Hazel said...

Youve been doing some lovely projects!! I have the 4 saisons one on my wishlist I think. We must have very similar tastes lol. I have also stitched "HOAN" too and it was a quick anf fun stitch to do. Thanks for your great blog - I have found it very inspiring. xx

The Silver Thistle said...

Happy New Year Wendy! Hope 2008 is fantastic for your and yours!

I missed so much while I was AWOL with life and poorly laptops, so I've just been through all your previous posts and really enjoyed myself. It's such fun to catch up with you because there's always something interesting going on.

So many cool things to look at and be inspired by, I'm itching to make 2008 an uber productive year for me now, from seeing all your 2006/7 projects.

I've got 'Home of a Needleworker' on my wishlist too, I'm looking forward to seeing how that one comes along for you.

I hope you get a few more of you UFO/WIP ticked off too and I'll be here to see the progress.

Thanks for being my friend in 2007 Wendy :D

Lee said...

I think that all of your WIP's are looking great, but I especially LOVE 4 Saisons.

I'm working on a kind of similar piece, with a tree in the middle, and I'm with you: The tree is the most difficult part.

Somehow we'll struggle through though! It'll take more than a mere tree to foil us!

Christine said...

They're all lovely projects, Wendy! I hope your re-start on PL goes much smoother than your initial start on it. :)

'Berta said...

I thought I had a lot of WIP's! All the best to you & your family in 2008.

Hope the second time around is the charm for your PL!

stitcherw said...

What lovely WIPs, you certainly have a nice selection to chose from on what you what to stitch. I don't make specific project goals either, just general ones like 1 more project than last year, or having a larger finish in the mix. The more general goals give me a target but still allow a lot of flexibility in what I'm working on. Your two new starts of PL and House of a Needleworker will be lovely.

tkdchick said...

Great WIP reveals Wendy, really puts all of your projects in perspective!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, you had some amazing WIPs hidden away, glad you brought them out!! The Gameboard is lovely and the Saison sampler looks wonderful... I can see why that tree did you in, though...LOL. You'll be sure to enjoy yourself this year with all of these projects on the go.

Happy New Year to you and your family, Wendy!!

Lynn said...

At least you have some goals in mind. I haven't even had time for that! I know I'll continue with CdC but beyond that who knows. I do love that gameboard sampler though. It's on my wish list.
I imagine you might be shovelling some of the white stuff at this point in time. We got about another 10-15 cm. All my boys are here so I've had lots of help shovelling.
Hope you and your family had a fantastic New Year's day!

Itching To Stitch said...

What great WIP's you have going. I would go crazy having that many started and not be actively working on them. They are all so pretty!!!!

Carol said...

That is a great set of WIPS you have - I am sure you will make great progress, they are all gorgeous!

Glenna said...

I love it that you said you aren't going to finish HOHRH this year either. Neither am I!! Beautiful projects, but no wonder you lay them down, because they're massive. I love the Little House stuff lately, not only because of the designs and colors, but because they're just not so darn big! Happy New Year!

Lelia said...

Hello. I was 'thinking' over some of my WIPs. LOL. I didn't have the energy to unearth them from their hiding places : )

I do plan to get moving on my DT gameboard again. I've joined two 2008 SALs & want to work on the gameboard & Moon Garden. Think four projects would keep me happy for awhile??? LOL

I wonder how many other WIPs I have in the closet. sigh. Perhaps they will have to stay there until I get something actually stitched : )

Enjoy the day -- stitch well this week-end : )

Michelle said...

You have some amazing WIPs. I'm with you - I'd love to finish some of mine off this year too. I enjoy each of them, I just seem to get lured away by new things! I'll look forward to seeing your progress on these.