Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas ornament and an almost finish

My package from the SBEBB ornament exchange arrived and wow - I was thrilled to see the lovely little stocking stitched by Donna of Daisy Stitches. I need to find her blog/e-mail so that I can thank her personally for all the wonderful goodies she put into this package. It made opening it up feel like Christmas! She also included a Just Nan chart called 'Tie One On' with the Whimzi frame (first time I have seen one of these in person and they are wonderful) and a Bent Creek chart called 'Sleigh Ride' with the fabric to stitch it on, as well as a package of tea and chocolate and a beautiful handmade card. Thank you Donna! Please leave me a comment so I can trace you back to your blog!!

My PL fabric arrived and I am in love with the colour - no more tea-dying needed here - but I decided to hold off on a fresh start until the New Year. And I am so close to finishing my little Prairie Schooler christmas sampler, I want to keep at it. Its looking like a finish might be in the works for this weekend and then I might try to finish it into a pillow. All that's left is for Santa and his sleigh!
My Christmas cards went out in the mail - yeah, one thing off my list. Packages have yet to be wrapped though. And I'm still wondering what on earth am I going to get hubby for Christmas? I have asked him so many times and he doesn't even know what he wants, other than the usual month long vacation some place warm, which is a little out of our reach at the moment.

Physiotherapy is going for the shoulder....or should I say torture sessions? Because it is unbelievable to me that my shoulder stopped doing all kinds of things without me realizing, and now the therapist is trying to make it go into these positions again. I'm doing stretches at home 4 times a day, to try to maintain some of the gains she makes. But on the upside, it actually is feeling better the rest of the time, not nearly as painful as it was. And stitching is much more comfortable again :-D I better not let hubby know that, or he'll make me start doing all the grocery shopping on my own again!

Have a great weekend!


DaisyGirl said...

Hi Wendy,
I'm so glad you liked your Christmas goodies! I let my son pick out the pattern, so hope you like trains! Enjoy your first Whimzie!

staci said...

What a fantastic ornament and exchange :) Glad that your shoulder is feeling a little better--at least enough to stitch :) Loving that PS!!!

Michele said...

lovely lovely exchange! that whimzie is very cute :) and I love the stocking! nice Donna!

Barbara said...

Your Christmas goodies are Christmas GREATS! :D And I just love your PS Christmas project!

Susimac said...

Gorgeous exchange Wendy.

Love your PS sampler.
Pleased to hear that your shoulder is better. Hope you have a great Christmas.

I've been meaning to ask, where did you get the script for your signature at the end of each posting its so nice.

Lynn said...

What a lovely gift to brighten up your week! The Whimzie looks so cute!
Glad to hear the shoulder is starting to mend, at least well enough to stitch.
The PS Xmas sampler will make a fantastic pillow. I'm anxious to see it finished.
I managed to get cards in the mail today but no gifts wrapped here either!

Hazel said...

Beautiful gifts and PS looks fab. xx

Cheryl said...

Just seen these lovely gifts over on Donna's blog! She did a great job.
Glad your shoulder is feeling better and i love this PS piece you're working on

Julianne said...

Hi Wendy,

What a nice exchange from Donna! Thanks for sharing with us.

Your PS is great. I didn't know you were stitching that one. I'm glad that your shoulder is feeling a bit better.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely exchange from Donna! I love your Prairie Schooler piece - it's gorgeous! Hope the shoulder keeps improving.

stitcherw said...

So glad that your shoulder is feeling better. Hopefully you'll be able to be done with the therapy soon. What a lovely package you recieved. The JN is so pretty, I hadn't seen that one before either. Your PS sampler is looking great too, you'll be done with this very soon.

stitcherw said...

FYI, if you got my comment on this posting twice, please disregard one. Blogger gave me an error message and so I didn't know if the first one went through correctly or not.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Such a wonderful exchange package. The little ornament is so cute and I love the Just Nan design she sent. Your PS Christmas Sampler looks great and your happy dance is so close. Maybe give your DH a basket with sunscreen, beach towel flip flops etc to take with him whenever he gets that vacation of his dreams. Either that or a personal space heater. Happy Stitching

Jaimie said...

What a terrific exchange! The ornament is so pretty!

Kathy A. said...

I am so glad that the shoulder is starting to improve. A frozen shoulder can be quite the thing. Beautiful exchange gifts.

quiltorstitch said...

Your Christmas piece is really looking nice, I like that one! You’ve been on a PS roll lately :) I am sorry your shoulder has been hurting you, I hope that the exercises will help is be more limber and not so sore.

I am almost done with my Christmas cards, that will be nice to have them checked off my list!

The exchange you received is awesome!

tkdchick said...

What a great parcel to get in the mail Wendy! I hope you do finish your PS in time!!!