Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blackbird SAL

Its time for the next section in our Blackbird SAL! I didn't get started with most everyone else on August 1st, due to the fact that I was still waiting for my GAST and WDW threads to arrive and being the centre-starter than I am, the house was the first section for me. Luckily when Carrie and JF came on August 5th, the mail had arrived and they had brought it with them.

So here it is, looking rather sad and lonely, my little house! I think the next section will be the upper left hand corner.

I treated myself to a quilting magazine while I was away - American Patchwork & Quilting - and I was amazed to discover an article on the Blackbird Designs ladies in the magazine! And the pattern for a fantastic looking quilt by them also!! I'm going to have to make this one this fall - I love it! And it gives me an excuse for some fabric shopping.


SmileyCarrie said...

very pretty quilt!! I like it!!

You've been tagged....... check out my blog! :) Copy the questions and post your answers on your blog!

catandturtle said...

I saw that quilting mag too and loved the quilt by BD. I love all thier stuff. When this you see looks great. I finsihed this one recently and had a lot of fun stitching it. Yours looks great! Ann.

VĂ©ronique said...

Hi Wendy, your house looks great ! It's time for the secont part now ;-))) The BB's quilt is fabulous, wonderful colors, I'm not quilting but I regret it

VavadesNeiges said...

i love your first part (i recognize the needle above the roof lol)
your fabric matches so good with threads
so, let's go for the second section !