Monday, April 10, 2006

Tri-star table runner

Another Monday morning and way too much work on my desk waiting for me. But I had a nice relaxing weekend and really enjoyed the sunshine! After a small shopping trip on Saturday and dropping off Nick to spend the afternoon at a friends, I got busy with a little quilting project. I had picked up this kit at my last Quilter's Sampler meeting. That shows me never to get to a meeting 1/2 hour early again, I spent way too much time browsing around the shop and this is what ended up in my bag. It turned out very nice however, and its nice to get a quick finish to a project, instead of the usual months and months-long things that I tackle.

Its so nice to have some feedback on my blog. Thanks to Sylvie, Karen and Lynn, who posted a comment!! And thanks for the heads-up on the Stitching Bits & Bobs sale! Even if the Gloriana's are not on sale, they still seem to have the best prices around.

I have to 'fess up though ~ I put myself on the Wagon for the month of April ~ no new charts, no fabric, no floss, no nothing of any kind! Its been tough, especially with hearing about the recent sale and its only April 10th...20 more days to go! But on the other hand, may be I should make these confessions a little more often. I told hubby about it and a few minutes later he presented me with a cheque for $60...dated May 1st, to be spent on stash once I get through this month. What a sweetie!!! Now for some on-line browsing, to start making that list....


KarenV said...

Wow! Your husband sound like a definite keeper. Enjoy making your list :)

Marg said...

That's stunning Wendy...& you "whipped" it up in no time. Congrats. Where are you putting it??
Does that mean "no stash shopping" at CSNF?? Oh I forgot...there's always credit!!!

Von said...

Hi Wendy!
I'm new to your blog having found you via a comment on Sew In Love. I've enjoyed looking at your wonderful stitching and have put your blog in my Newsgator account so I'll get all your new entries.
I very much enjoyed your PS alphabets and can't wait to see them made up into a quilt! I had a thought that they'd make a charming alphabet book for my grandsons. :D