Monday, April 03, 2006

Prairie Schooler Alphabet Blocks

Not too much stitching done over this past weekend. But since I got my WIP progress bars added, I thought it was time to dig out my PS alphabet blocks and get some pics of some of these.

I started stitching these in June 2004 and as of now I'm currently working on my 18th! The inspiration for doing these came from my stitching friend Ann (who luckily for me has her own LNS ~ Knowledge and Needles). Ann has finished all her blocks and has made them into an absoltely gorgeous quilt and that's what I'm planning to do once I finally get all 26 blocks finished.

I picked up the last few charts in the series first, so I ended up started backwards, with 'X is for Cross Stitch' ( the Y and Z chart wasn't released yet) and I've been working backwards ever since. I'm sure that say something wacky about my personality but I guess I'll leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

Wow Wendy...I hadn't realized you had so many blocks completed. Way to go!!!


Barbara said...

Oh, these look so good! And a quilt is a brilliant finishing idea!!