Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I love scrapbooking. Considering the number of hours I put into my stitching, and quilting, and how long it takes to see any results, I finally found a hobby where I can actually start and finish a project in 2-3 hours! Its so much fun. I really enjoy also the fact that there really are no rules to scrapbooking ~ no counting fabric threads, no worry that the top stitch of the X is facing the wrong way, or sewing an exact 1/4" seam. With scrapbooking I just choose a few pictures, find some paper which helps to accentuate the pictures, and dig in. Course it helps to have my very creative and inspiring daughter working across the table from me.

And did I mention the shopping aspect? Now that I have thoroughly gone through the entire cross stitch department (and not a large one) at my local Michael's store and bought anything cross-stitch related that I could ever possibly want, a whole new avenue has opened up for those 40% off coupons!

So after a couple of months of scrapbooking withdrawal, our Easter Sunday afternoon was spent scrapbooking. Here are the latest additions to my albums:


Kelly said...

Your pages look great! I can't wait to see everything you've done since I last saw your scrapbooks!


SmileyCarrie said...

Beautiful LO's ... I especially like the snow girls one!!!

Von said...

I haven't done much scrapbooking for awhile, but do enjoy it. And you can use all those paper supplies for other crafts, like making cards and such. Way tooooo much fun!