Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Granny Shower

Last Sunday I got together with my stitching friends for one of our fun get-togethers, what I thought was a normal get-together ~ an awesome potluck lunch and afternoon spent showing and sharing all our crafting finishes and WIP's, lots of fun and laughs. But to my great surprise, this past Sunday's get-together was actually a Granny Shower....for me!

It seems like the 7 of them have been planning this for months, since shortly after I announced my 2 girls' pregnancies. They busily started scheming and planning to make handmade baby gifts for all of my new grandbabies, and then were as surprised as everyone else to find out that Carrie was having twins which meant....another baby gift! And they managed to do it (although Clare has given me an IOU LOL) and presented me with some absolutely spectacular baby gifts - all made, decorated and embellished by their incredibly gifted and nimble fingers!

I was incredibly surprised by the shower and the wonderful gifts made by these amazingly talented and warm-hearted friends.

Here are some pics~

Ann (of Knowledge & Needles)

Marsha and Clare (on the mantle of the fireplace, you can see Anita's newly finished and framed Mother's Bliss)

Nancy, Anita and Marg

Three beautiful sweaters for the babies knitted by Nancy.

Two wonderfully cozy hooded towels made by Marg.

A sweet, supersoft sweater knitted by Clare. Sweater #2 is on her needles and she showed us the gorgeous pink yarn for sweater #3!

Two knitted faceclothes by Marj, 3 sweet cross stitched bibs by Anita, 2 Baby is Sleeping cross stiched hangers by Marj and another lovely Baby Sleeping pillow by Ann. Ann took back her 3 baby bibs to wait until the births so she can stitch the babies' names on them.

Three sweet 'onesies' embellished with a zebra, lion and elephant, stitched by Marsha.

And me in the Granny Rocking Chair! I wish I was wearing my Granny Shawl that Marg knitted for my favourite colour ~ purple!


Lee said...

You have such kind and thoughtful friends! I have to tuck this idea away for the future...

Vonna said...

HOW AWESOME is that Wendy!
A Granny and one of twins to boot...busy, busy....well both new Mommy's will be busy, but one in particular with twins...I know from experience ;o)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous surpsise, and such sweet, beautiful and thoughtful gifts. You are blessed to have such friends!! And did I do my sums right... 3(!) grandchildren in the making??? You'll have your work cut out for you... LOL!!

Solstitches said...

Congratulations on your expanding family!
What a lovely thing your friends did for you.
All of their handmade gifts are really special.


Lynn said...

This is the first Granny shower I've heard of and I think it's a wonderful idea! What inventive friends you have!
Love all of their special gifts.

Hazel said...

What a great idea to have a Granny Shower. Showers are not something that is common in the UK although I have heard a few people starting to have them. Lovely idea and saves all the stress after the baby is born. x

Siobhan said...

That is so neat!! What a great idea to do a granny shower. I love all the wonderful gifts--I know three babies who are going to be fabulously spoiled. :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful selection of gifts - sounds like you had a wonderful day with great generous friends :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

What an awesome thing for the girls to do for you! I bet you just can't wait for the first babies to put in an appearance!!