Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wedding Pics!

Hey ~ its been an amazingly busy couple of weeks and I haven't had much chance to post or read any blogs. Soon I hope to have lots of time for catch-up! Tomorrow is the surgery day for me and I expect to be back up and running very soon.

So in the meantime, here are some wedding pics! It was a gorgeous ceremony and reception, and although the weather was very cloudy, the rain held off and I think the overcast day made the colours in the pictures stand out even more. What fantastic memories we will have of this special day.

The bride-to-be~

Carrie and Maid of Honour Kelly~
With Mum and Dad~

The happy couple during the Rose Ceremony~

And finally....the kiss~


Carla said...

Lovely wedding pics...thanks for sharing :)
Good luck with the sugery!

Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous wedding! Carrie looked absolutely beautiful - so happy! Congratulations and best wishes to them!

BTW, I LOVE your dress. That's a great color for you!

Alberta said...

Wendy, the bride looks radiant and the groom so proud! Congratulations on the new addition to your happy family.

Vonna said...

Congratulations!!! She was a beautiful bride :)

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Beautiful pictures! I love fall weddings...good luck tomorrow, we will be waiting to hear from you again.

Annemarie said...

Oooh, I had been waiting for those! Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. What a beautiful pair they make. And so do you and hubby, by the way.
Good luck with your surgery, Wendy, I will be thinking of you!

Michele said...

Oh I was hoping your were going to post a couple of pictures! What a lovely day! and a lovely wedding! Mom and Dad look pretty proud *smile*

good luck tomorrow!!!!

Glenna said...

Such a pretty wedding, and such a happy day. Carrie looked gorgeous, and so did you!

Kendra said...

Congrats on a successful wedding! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. The bride and maid of honor are beautiful...but you already know that! ;-)

Hazel said...

Beautiful wedding. The bride looks stunning! x

Yuko said...

Ohhh Wendy!
I was waiting for these pics!
Carrie is such a beautiful bride!
She looks so happy!
And you are gorgeous in deep blue dress!!

Good luck with the surgery.
I will pray for you!

Christine said...

What gorgeous pictures!! Your daughter is a beautiful bride and you look wonderful! I love the colour of your dress. Thanks for posting some pictures and I hope all goes well with your surgery.

Carol R said...

Just beautiful she says wiping away a tear - weddings always make me cry! Thanks for sharing.

Marion said...

Gorgeous wedding!!!!
I hope your surgery went well Wendy, and that you are back to posting very soon!
Take care

Sharon said...

Gorgeous wedding photo's! Best wishes for a speedy recovery with your surgery.

Julianne said...


Wow, what a surprise to see your post. Congratulations on the wedding of Carrie. I wish them much happiness.

Best wishes to you for a quick recovery from your surgery. I'll be thinkin' about you

staci said...

Congratulations to the beautiful and happy couple!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Oh, so beautiful. All of you look gorgeous, especially the bride. The red dresses against the bride's white, and the landscape is just dazzling, Wendy. And you looked beautiful! Now we are thinking of you and praying for a good recovery after your sugery.
Love and hugs,

Beatrice said...

I hope the surgery goes well. Good luck.
Thank you for sharing the photo's the wedding looks like it was beautiful. You all look great...of course the Bride was stunning!!!!!

DaisyGirl said...

Beautiful pictures! My niece 's wedding is next Saturday.
You will love the hysterectomy! It's been 8 years since mine! I love it! Hope your surgery goes good! Just don't go shopping like I did. I thought I was fine! (It was the third day after my surgery)

Lynn said...

What a beautiful wedding, the bride looks absolutely radiant!
I love the colours of her flowers too! Fall is such a great time for a wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple.
By now your surgery is over and I hope that all went well and your recuperation is quick. Not too quick that you can't get in some stitching though!

Jeanne said...

Looks like it was a lovely day and everyone looks great! I hope they're always as happy as they were on their wedding day.

Karin said...

Gorgeous pictures! Hope that your surgery went well.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

The wedding looks beautiful, all the dresses and flowers just look amazing. But in the end it's about the couple and the union, I wish them all the best. CJ(ok;-)

stitcherw said...

Beautiful pictures, and it looks like the weather was fantastic. Hope your surgery went well and you're feeling much better soon.

Cheryl said...

I love wedding pictures! She looks gorgeous and i love the colour of the bridesmaid dresses.
Your dress is stunning too.
Hope you are recovering ok afer your surgery