Friday, March 10, 2006


Thursday night was Sampler 4 Saison night! I picked it up and managed to get a couple motifs finished. I'm still working in the top corner 'Spring' section but I'm getting closer to that tree all the time!

Here is the finished picture:

And here is my progress as of last night.

Well, my first photos didn't work, thank goodness for that editing button.

And when did that photo button appear? At least I got my photos to come through, although next time I'll try to position them a little better.

Tonight I'm off to a gallery opening in Toronto. Its the work of one of the ladies my daughter works with at the Cancer Centre. Just gotta make sure we get there in the time for the wine and cheese - what am I saying, I have to drive?!? Well, cheese anyone?


Christine Doyle said...

Beautiful, Wendy!!! I love that floss.

Eileen said...

Looks fantastic Wendy