Sunday, March 12, 2006

Almost Spring Cuts

I couldn't take the messy winter coats on these dogs another day. Sam and Stu were such an overgrown mess, it was hard to tell one end from the other! Not a good thing. So it was into the shop for a new razor and off came the fur. Sam was first and he was actually pretty good about staying still for me. Luckily he is a small dog! And a couple of pounds lighter once his winter coat was gone.

Then came Stu, with the other two hovering around to make sure I didn't hurt him. Of course I never thought about taking 'before' pics until Stu was missing a large strip down his back. So here are the after shots anyways.

Poor Phoebe didn't get her turn today. After 2 dogs and a huge bag full of doggy hair, the razor was put away for another day. Course they had to get some treats for being good little doggies, and the coats had to come out cause it isn't quite spring yet.