Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love Progress!

Some goodies bought at yard sales this weekend....2 Omni grid rulers, both looking brand new, and for only 25 cents each! That's a whale of a bargain! And some more wooden spools to add to my collection.
I have managed to get some good stitching time on the Love Sampler the past few days - enough so that even I can see some progress. I'm about halfway through the third set of pages, after that only one more set....I think I might get this done in time for the September wedding!
Meanwhile machine quilting has come to a dead stop. My wonderful little Janome machine has never honestly done well with free motion quilting but now its putting up such a fuss, that I'm ready to throw in the towel. I haved tried numerous different types of needles, but still the thread keeps breaking or the needle skips several stitches, not to mention the tension on the back is awful. No amount of playing with different settings seems to make any difference. So my Lucky Stars quilt sits with half the stars stippled and the other half barren. I've been checking the want ads thinking to buy an older used machine for simple machine quilting.
And I think I think some lessons in photography..... :-(


Carol said...

That is excellent progress on Love!

'Berta said...

Wendy, can I go garage saling with you next time around? What great finds!!!!

Your Love Sampler is looking incredible.

Jennifer said...

Oh, Love is looking JUST gorgeous!

Michele said...

Great finds at the yard sale!

Love is looking sooo good!!! WTG :)

Barbara said...

Stunning, and I do mean STUNNING!, progress on Love. WOW!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, you've Love piece is coming along. Looks like you've spent some serious time on it. It's beautiful ;)

Redwitch said...

Love is looking, well, just lovely and so quickly stitched too :)

Great bargains from the yard sale!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Wendy,

You're making tremendous progress with Love Sampler, and it's so pretty and graceful.

Your garage sale finds are cool and will no doubt come in very handy with all your crafting. It's fun poking around in peoples things for sale and finding buried treasures.

Too bad you're having such problems with your sewing machine. You'd think a newer machine would be able to handle all kinds of projects with relative ease. Good luck in your hunt for a suitable older machine.

The weekend weather has left a lot to be desired this month, unfortunately. This week is rain again, although having said that, the garden really does need it. It'll be a movie weekend for us though so we're not too fussed about it.


Isabelle said...

Hi Wendy, do you have a walking foot for your machine? It might help tremendously.
Your Love Sampler is gorgeous!

Carla said...

the sampler looks great!!! I think you'll finish it on time for your daughter's wedding :)

Beatrice said...

Love is Amazing. You are moving along on that.
Nice finds for your stash!