Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Computer woes

It died ... sometime late Friday night. And just wouldn't turn on Saturday morning at all. No warning, no strange noises (as happened the last time), just wouldn't start up. Its pretty scary how attached I have become to my faithful ol' computer and the internet. I felt lost for a full day while hubby scrambled, purchasing a new computer and reloading software, and transferred what data he could from the old system. Thank heaven for my little IT hubby, what would I have done without him? But then Sunday night, after spending a good part of the day, resetting my word processing programs with all my stuff and trying to re-access my favourite message boards and blogs, the new one died, again suddenly without any warning. Hubby managed to get some life back into her and get her running again, so at least come Monday morning I could get some work done, which luckily needed Word as it was the only thing running, until that afternoon when the keyboard froze and there you have it. A brand new beautiful system went downhill, never to be revived again.

Hubby very luckily brought home a new hard drive and spent the best part of the next 5 hours re-doing my system yet again.

Which brings me to the point of all this - how necessary this computer has become to my life, not only for work but for my sanity ~ blog reading, message board surfing, OLNS surfing. Watching the TV for hours just doesn't cut it. While I have to admit, I did get out for several nice long walks (and puddle jumping, Berta!) and enjoyed this gorgeous spring-like air, I missed my computer! Its back up and running, though very noisy, however I lost a lot of my old work, links, and even e-mails which were not backed up.

And I did get in a fair bit of stitching while watching all the operations going on about the computer desk. Now to find that cable for the camera, since my scanner has been decomissioned. Pictures are coming!

My latest update on Blackbird Design's Gift of Life. I think I am caught up with the SAL group?!?


Anonymous said...

Computers eh, love 'm or hate 'm, we can't live without 'm...
But hurray for hubby!! Glad you didn't loose your sanity and still managed to enjoy yourself!!
(Thanks for your comment, you cracked me up!!)

Cathy said...

Oh, I get so frustrated when I don't have my computer. I always feel like I can't sit still when I don't have internet access!

Alberta said...

Oh Wendy...don't you just hate it when you lose stuff?! I knew my computer was going, so went ahead a replaced it...saved all my stuff was wonderful when out of the blue my new computer's hard drive died! I lost stuff...which I really didn't need...but at the time, I was devastated. I recovered! And I learned how to replace a hard drive myself!

I never seem to have that kind problem with needle & floss! Even frogging is under control at all times! Have a great day!

KarenV said...

I would hate to be without the computer for any length of time, there's always something I need it for. It's amazing how dependent we are on the technology now, isn't it?

Lovely progress on Garden of Life :)

Vonna said...

Oh, my dear....that is terrible...I know that I'm lost without mine if I don't have it. I don't watch TV as much as I spend on my computer. I hope all your Computer woes come to an end soon!

Your BB designs is looking fabulous...and since I'm doing one are quite right...I want to do more and more and more of them! LOL!

Carol said...

Yikes! That must have been miserable! Welcome back! Your GoL looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Your Gift of Life looks awesome.

Barbara said...

You must say thank you to your DH on behalf of all your readers!!

We've had ours stolen (twice!), which is also a nasty experience. We keep a separate hard drive and backup to that regularly. ;)

Tannia said...

Hello my name is Tannia and i am addicted to my compuer, my blog, and the internet in general!

*sigh* computers are frustrating at the best of times - and the new one too!!!

I love that design - it's very pretty and yours is looking lovely too!

Margaret said...

What an experience!! Isn't it horrible how we have no control over these computers? Thank goodness for husbands.
Garden of Life is so pretty.

quiltorstitch said...

Glad you got your computer running again, how frustrating!

Garden of Life looks so pretty.